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Keep Your Home Safe With A Healthy Electrical System

You know that feeling when you turn on a light and nothing happens? That’s not only annoying, but it could also be a sign of something much worse going on. It’s not something you should easily dismiss!

Electrical troubleshooting can help you avoid the risk of fire, power outages, or even injury to yourself or loved ones due to hidden electrical issues.

A healthy electrical system keeps yourself, your family, and your home safe, while protecting all devices and appliances you own. You can count on us to identify any issue with your electrical system and restore its health in no time so that you can enjoy a stress-free life.

Six Common Signs Your Electrical System Might Have An Issue

Flickering Or Dimming Lights

Flickering lights can happen as little as once or twice per day and then become more frequent, but they might also happen all the time for no apparent reason. If there are unusual changes in the frequency and severity of flickering, that means something is out of order and needs to be identified and fixed before things get worse.

Circuit Breakers Tripping Frequently

It’s easy to just reset the trip and go back on with your day, but sometimes there is more going on than meets the eye. You should identify what caused that problem to prevent it from progressing into something more serious, like a fire.

Cracking Or Buzzing Noise From Receptacles

Noticing any strange sounds coming from your sockets lately? If so, they might indicate that there’s something severely wrong going on with them. Arcing occurs due to damage and loosening of wires within the socket itself, so if left unchecked it can potentially blow out the plugs or cause an electric fire.

Burning Smell From Receptacles Or Switches

If an outlet feels hot when touched or makes noise when electricity is flowing through it, this could be dangerous and it can indicate an electrical problem. Also, if you pick up a strong burning smell coming from your outlet, identifying the source and replacing the plug should be done as soon as possible.

Mild Tingle From Appliances

You probably know what a little tingle coming from one of your electrical devices feels like. A mild electric shock might not seem like much at the time, but it’s a sign of a fault with the internal wiring in your home, or a network fault where power lines meet your property. It should be addressed immediately.

Warm Or Colored Wall Plates

When you install a new light or plug in your coffee maker, is the wall plate warm to the touch or even showing signs of burns? If yes, it can be an indication that there’s too much electric current running through it. You should call a specialist before it has a chance to cause any harm.

How It Works

We are committed to providing you with our expert skills and experience in order to identify what’s wrong with your electrical system and give you the best solution to fix it. Our easy process keeps you away from all the hassle while we work on making your electrical system safe and running properly again.

Consultation Call

Reach out to us for a quick call so that we can get as many details as possible about your home’s electrical needs. If you send us a few pictures, we can assess the situation better and give you a cost and timeline for your project.

Troubleshooting Work

Once we arrive at your location, we’ll run our troubleshooting process and identify what’s causing your electrical issues. We’ll give you a report on the situation and provide you with a cost and time estimate for fixing it. Once we agree on that, we’ll proceed with repairing the damages while removing what caused them in the first place.

Enjoy A Safe, Functional Electrical System

You got rid of all the faulty components in your electrical system and now you have it back and running safely. Enjoy the feeling of comfort and safety inside your home once again, knowing everything runs properly and risks of fire hazards are now history.

Electrical Troubleshooting Prices

Electrical troubleshooting is like detective’s work. It requires special skills, extensive knowledge, and a keen eye for detail. If you suspect something’s wrong with your electrical system, get in touch with us and we’ll help you put an end to it. We’ve created a pricing system that is both fair and affordable, allowing us to diagnose the situation on-site and repair any problems found during the inspection.

On-site Assessment

$275 min 1hr

Includes 1h of electric troubleshooting, on-spot repairs for minor issues, and a detailed written report with assessment results and recommendations. Additional hours over the first hour will be prorated.

Recommended solutions

Custom Pricing

If it’s a minor fix, it’s included in the 2hr on-site assessment. If it’s anything after that, a solution and estimate will be presented on the spot. Estimates are presented based on the tasks required.

Electrical Parts Replacement

Custom Pricing

Replacing certain damaged parts as part of fixing your electrical issue might involve extra costs for the new parts and the extra labor. We’ll make sure to keep you informed at every step so you can decide what you want to do next.

Electrical Troubleshooting Portfolio

We are offering our best skills and expertise in finding and fixing any issue with your electrical system that threatens the safety of your home and your. Whatever the issue is, we’ll handle it professionally and with utmost care. Browse our portfolio below.


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